Choosing responsibly: Perspex Isolation Screens for Safe Distance

The changing office landscape

As we are slowly making our way out of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re starting to wonder when we’ll stop working from our dining tables and finally return back to the office. This won’t be an easy transition or simple change. For employees to return back to work safely and confidently, there will need to be a combination of pandemic-proofing fixes, upgrades and modifications that prioritise hygiene in all facets of the workplace.

Whilst many businesses will be looking to make long-term design upgrades that adhere to the new ways of office life, there are many minor and cost-effective solutions that can be considered.

In modern workplaces, the main priority now is the physical separation between employees. But how do we achieve this if everyone is sitting side-by-side at their workstation? Having an Isolation Screen, or more commonly known as a “sneeze guard”, is a low-cost and highly effective measure to achieve safe distance.

Isolation Screens and how they work

Isolation Screens are a practical way for businesses to maintain safe social distancing while reducing the spread of airborne viruses within the workplace. They also offer privacy, personal space and define employee workspaces.

There is no need to re-organise workstations for social distancing. These Isolation Screens are easily retrofitted into existing workstation layouts, with little disruption and cost.


  • Custom sizes
  • Retrofitted to existing workstations
  • Numerous colours available, ranging from transparent, opaque to solid
  • Soft radius edges
  • 6mm acrylic


  • Easy to clean with antibacterial grade cleaners or detergent to prevent the transfer of germs between workers
  • Creates confidence that employees can work safely
  • Maintains safe social distancing without having to reorganise an office space
  • Lightweight & customisable

Isolation Screens may be the essential solution to ensuring a healthy and productive workforce without the disruption of relocating desking. View these screens here.