Behind the Scenes: Greenstone Financial Services Office Fit Out

Ever wondered what a commercial office fit out looks like midway through project completion?

The profile Systems team are currently in Stage 3 of completing a new 7-level office fit-out for the innovative financial solutions company; Greenstone Financial Services, working closely with Linked Project ManagementJDV Projects & WMK Architecture

View our progress below!

Profile Systems – Straight Bench Electric Sit Stand Workstations

Lim Lift adds a refined, contemporary aesthetic to the modern office. These sturdy Electric Sit-to-Stand Desks allow for an effortless transition from sitting to standing at the touch of the button – promoting Healthy Work Habits. View workstations here.

Profile Systems – 120 Degree Electric Sit Stand Workstations

Lim Lift workstations can come in a variety of sizes and shape options, including this 120 Degree Workstation system. Workstations can also be reconfigured from single to back-to-back configurations to satisfy future-minded business owners. Multiple worktop shapes and accessories allow for personalisation including screens, shelves, document holders and pen rails. View all workstations here.

Profile Systems – Acoustic Work Pods and Work Booths

Great for activity-based work spaces, the Leise Work Booth allows the user to immerse themselves in comfort, concentration and security within an open public space. Made utilising only the highest quality materials, the Leise is locally made and can be fabric panel customised to suit individual needs. View Booths here.

View our workstations in this project:

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