Rolled Post Shelving

  • About the product

    Made from fine grade Bluescope steel, rolled post shelving has a load rating of 100kg (with optional reinforcement for heavier loads) and comes in a range of sizes. The optional slotted shelf provides parallel slots at 25mm increments for dividers, making it great for filing or holding alphabetical or numerical information. Shelving units can be assembled side-by-side and back-to-back depending on your particular needs. All shelving is finished in chip and scuff resistant thermoset powdercoat and is available in a wide range of colours and finishes.
  • Materials used

    Powdercoated steel
  • Specifications

    Height [mm] 1600 Width [mm] 900 Depth [mm] 350
    Height [mm] 1800 Width [mm] 1000 Depth [mm] 420
    Height [mm] 2175 Width [mm] 1200 Depth [mm] 500
    Height [mm] 2210 Depth [mm] 600
    Height [mm] 2400

    *We can custom make any height, width or depth if required