Giving Back

Something we feel really passionate about is giving back. While we believe in turning visions into reality, we also believe that this shouldn’t end with our own workplace or the job we’re working on.

Profile Systems has been working with a local partner in the Philippines, working with some of the poorest communities in their areas.

So far we have installed a water reservoir in Ormoc, in the Philippines, for the children and their families. When families have access to clean drinking water not only do they avoid illnesses such as cholera and dysentery, but they don’t have to spend all their time fetching water over long distances. It means children don’t have to miss school, and women and girls aren’t vulnerable to mistreatment when they are on their own, a long way from home.

We have also helped one of the poorest families in the area build a typhoon-resistant home that can even be used as a small evacuation point for other locals in the event of another natural disaster. We’ve provided funding for some food for the families to enjoy at Christmas.

When you work with Profile Systems to transform your work or living areas, you also help us improve the work and living areas of communities in need.

More pictures are coming soon!